How We Work

For many people, their need for a lawyer arises during a particularly challenging time in their life. Too many attorneys forget about that. I started Titus Smith Law to provide my clients attentive, personalized legal representation that focuses on their goals and their life because I know it can be a stressful time when you come to see me. I started Titus Smith Law to help get you back to living your life. To help you understand what this firm is about, I established the following 5 values to guide my practice:

The value of an attorney’s services should exceed their cost. But I won’t know if I can add value to your case until we sit down and chat. That’s why I don’t charge you for our initial consultation.

You matter.  I will stay focused on your goals.

I will promptly return phone calls or emails.

Litigation is a fight.  It doesn’t have to be an ugly fight, but it’s a fight.  If your case goes to trial, I’ll be ready.

Honesty, straight talk, and common sense are qualities always appreciated and too often ignored. Not at Titus Smith Law. We’ve built our practice on them.

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These values define my law practice. At Titus Law, I primarily represent clients in the areas of personal injury and business law. I’ve represented some of the largest insurance companies in the nation defending against claims of personal injury and wrongful death. I have the experience and the expertise to deal with insurance companies and to represent you in your personal injury claim. I have also handled complex commercial litigation in federal and state court. Rest assured that I know how to guide your business through the legal process.

– Mathew K Titus