When I decided to start Titus Law here in the Atlanta area, I knew great technology could provide an incredible cost savings 41jJB7VXP5L._SX300_
and create a more efficient practice to achieve quicker results for clients.  I researched lots of options before opening my doors and the research into all things at the intersection of the practice of law and technology is still something I do every day.  In the Technology portion of the blog, I will write about my experiences with software and hardware that help (or hurt) my practice.  While I am writing about technology and law offices, I am not a tech guru.  I am a lawyer who is trying to use technology to build a better practice.

To start, I thought I would comment on the bedrock of any good paperless law practice.  A really great scanner.  I bought the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500.  It is fantastic!  The scanner can easily and quickly handle duplex scanning, smoothly scans up to 50 pages at 25 pages per minute (in normal mode), and comes with Adobe XI Standard (we’ll talk about Adobe in later postings).  I bought mine off of Amazon for about $430.00.  The scanner also integrates with the cloud based practice management system called Clio (which I will also talk about later).  The integration is excellent and allows you to scan documents and pleadings directly into Clio without having to save them locally.  This is a big time saver.

The scanner is easy to install as you basically just plug it in and the software needed to run the scanner installs itself.  The scanner is also very easy to use.  There is only 1 button needed to operate the scanner once it is turned on.

The only negative worth mentioning is that sometimes the scanner can have trouble “latching” onto the first page of a scan job.  There have been a few times I needed to play around with the paper I was trying to scan in and find the right angle to place the documents so that the feeder would start the scanning process.  But once the scanner catches the first page – it has always been smooth sailing.

I could not be happier with my scanner and I strongly recommend it to any small practice attorney.  It is easy to use, reliable, quick, and comes with Adobe XI Standard which makes it an excellent value.


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