Why would you choose personal injury settlements rather than go to trial?

If you’re just beginning quest for compensation in a case, you may be unaware of how personal injury settlements work. On television, you’ll see very dramatic courtroom scenes, but that’s not generally the way it works in most personal injury cases. In fact, a vast majority of personal injury settlements are reached without ever going to trial. There are a number of reasons why both the plaintiff and the defendant might decide to reach a settlement agreement without going to trial.

Why Would You Take A Personal Injury Settlement Rather Than Go to Trial?

The legal wheels grind slowly. Again, on television, we see these cases happen in the blink of an eye. In reality, they usually drag on for many months and sometimes years. The simplest and most common reason a defendant would take a settlement offer is because it means guaranteed payment. There is no guarantee when you go to court. It’s essentially in the hands of the judge or jury and, while you might have the best case imaginable, there’s still the unknown factor. You are essentially taking the chance that you’ll walk away with nothing, rather than taking what the plaintiff is offering in settling out of court.

For the defendant, offering a settlement can be advantageous because it allows them to control the monetary damages. Often this amount can be less than a court would award, especially if there are pain and suffering damages attached. This avenue can also allow that the case is kept out of the public eye, which can be important in the case that a company is as fault, or someone whose reputation can be seriously damaged by the case.

For the plaintiff, settling offers the ability to put the case behind them. They can negotiate the terms of the settlement, and they don’t need to accept the settlement amount if they feel it’s less than they’re entitled to receive. For the plaintiff, an excellent personal injury attorney can guide them in making the right decision about taking a settlement or pushing the case to trial.

Do You Have a Case and Are Wondering Whether to Take a Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have a personal injury case pending or are thinking about filing one, you do not have to wonder about the right steps to take, or try to figure it out on your own. Arm yourself with the information you need to make an informed decision by speaking with a qualified attorney. The right attorney can ensure you are well-prepared and have all of the information you need to protect your best interests.

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